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10 Instagram Photo Ops in San José

10 Instagram Photo Ops in San José

Happy Sunday Wanderers! Welcome back to another blog post. How are you enjoying the Costa Rica themed content? This week I bring you a post inspired by my good friend Laura of The Redhead American. She recently made a post about the most  “instagramable” spots in her city, Belfast, Ireland. I really enjoyed the post and thought it was a great idea so I thought I would do the same for San José, Costa Rica! I hope you enjoy this sneak peak of the city I call home!

Mercado Escalante


Mercado Escalante is an open air gastro market in Barrio Escalante, a popular area for dinning.  This market includes variety of different food vendors and is the perfect spot to grab food, a cocktail or a coffee and is a popular weekend lunch spot.  Additionally, the artful walls enclosing the parking lot make for great photo opportunities.


I couldn’t help but take pictures in front of more than one of the walls! There is also a cool graffitied car in the parking lot that we saw some people shooting photos with. With the addition of the train tracks passing by the front of Mercado Escalante, we found many people were taking full advantage of golden hour for photo shoots!

El Jardín de Lolita 


Just a hop and a skip down the street there is another gastro market, El Jardín de Lolita. People commonly snap shots in this hammock swing. The twinkling lights in the background and fuchsia moscow mules sold right next door make for the perfect pic!

Creperie & Cafe Entre Nous


Also in Escalante, there is a cafe called Creperie & Cafe Entre Nous. From the outside you may not realize that they have these amazing wings in the back of the cafe. They serve espressos out of a VW bus inside! They definitely earn points for cute decor, however, I wont be tipping my hat to them for their vegan options. I’ve enjoyed a latte and some fries here.

Museo Nacional de Costa Rica


Dowtown, the national museum of Costa Rica is striking with it’s castle-like look and gorgeous yellow color!

Rainbow Doorway


This quirky spot is the most random, but probably my favorite of all! This rainbow art is at the corner of Avenida 7 and Calle 15 near Parque Nacional. 

Boulevard Ricardo Jiménez


This palm tree lined street downtown gives me Miami vibes with it’s trees, art and sunset glow.


Escuelas Graduadas


In addition to the museum, this school built in 1890 is also one of my favorite architectural buildings downtown. I love the soft pink color and fountain out front.

Parque Morazán


The golden wings in Parque Morazán are arguably the most quintessential San Jose photo!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some beautiful sites and photo opportunities in San Jose, Costa Rica. Which photo was your favorite? Leave me a comment below.

Wander often & Wonder always,

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