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Whats on my plate? Vegan Thanksgiving

Whats on my plate? Vegan Thanksgiving

Happy Sunday wanderers! I hope you all had a lovely holiday with your friends and family this past Thursday. As requested by Alex, this weeks post is about my vegan Thanksgiving feast. Heres the breakdown, I'll go clockwise around my plate starting at 12.


We start of with a sweet potato and yam casserole that my mom made with earth balance and cinnamon. I bought her these vegan marshmallows from Trader Joe's as a topping.


Next up we have the roasted veggies. I got this entire stalk of brussel sprouts at Trader Joe's for under $4. We also had carrots, pearl onions, and green beans. Simply coat in olive oil, salt and pepper and roast in the oven to perfection. 

The cucumber salad and the cranberry sauce was made by my family members but was definitely vegan safe. The cucumber salad is a classic that my grandma and mom have always made. You peel the cucumbers, then score them with a fork, slice them and salt them. Cover that and put it in the fridge for a few hours. Drain off the excess water and then add your dressings. Add sliced onion, red wine vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Its best to then let them sit in the fridge over night so they really absorb the flavor. The result is such a refreshing side dish for any meal.


Peppridge Farms stuffing has been a classic at our family's Thanksgiving dinners for as long as I can remember. Luckily it is vegan! We prepared it water and earth balance vegan butter. 


This is all you need for the perfect vegan mashed potatoes. I peeled and cubed my potatoes and boiled them. Once boiled I just drained most of the water out of the pot and then mashed them. I added earth balance and a plain soy milk until I was happy with the consistency and taste. Measurements aren't really my style in the kitchen.


I don't reach for fake meat a lot in my day to day diet but I do really enjoy seitan on occasion. It has a really nice chewy consistency and can hold a lot of flavor. I picked up this vegan style celebration roast at my local organic market. I saw many different vegan roasts on the market this holiday but chose this one due to its quaint size since I would be the only one eating it. It was ready to eat as well which was super easy, we just crisped it up in the oven a bit alongside the roasted veg. This was really tasty I would have this again!


On top of my potatoes and roast you can see my homemade mushroom and lentil gravy. In retrospect I overcomplicated making this and took a few wrong turns but it still ended up tasting amazing. I first food processed the soup and mushrooms and then cooked down the mixture. Later I decided to strain out the lentil and mushroom particles. I then added flour which was my worst mistake because I made it clumpy. Then I smartened up and added a rue of earth balance and flour to achieve my desired thickness. In retrospect I should have just sliced up the mushrooms and cooked them down in a pan to release the flavor and then I should've just added the soup broth. I don't think the whole food processing and straining situation was necessary. Then I would have eventually removed the mushrooms, if desired, after letting the broth absorb some of that flavor. Then I would whisk in the rue. It was a pretty good first ever attempt at making gravy and I know better for next time. 


I also made cornbread which is not pictured above. I just followed the instructions on the box and used a mashed banana instead of an egg. The banana made for a nice consistency in the final product, but did make it taste a little too sweet for traditional cornbread. It was still tasty but if I made cornbread again I would use a different egg replacement. I am definitely using the banana trick for baking sweets in the future! 

As you can see the star of the show was earth balance vegan butter! I truly felt like I did not miss out on anything I would've had on Thanksgiving before going vegan. This was the only meal I ate all day and it was more than enough. I couldn't even finish my plate. I am eating leftover stuffing and mashed potatoes as I write this. Hope everyone is having a lovely day and hope you enjoyed this post. 

Wander often & wonder always,


P.S. They're Plant Based

P.S. They're Plant Based

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