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Om Pajamas

Om Pajamas


Happy Sunday Wanderers!

Today with great pleasure I bring to you a post about Om Pajamas, an amazing fair trade nonprofit that sells cotton pajamas, harem pants and kaftans to support Madurai Charitable Trust.

You may remember a quick blurb about Om Pajamas in my Compassionfest Haul & Recap. Compassionfest is a vegan holiday shopping bizarre in Connecticut where I made my first Om Pajamas purchase and made an amazing connection with Cathy April.

Om Pajamas creates a safe and fair trade steady work environment for their employees in India and donates pajamas locally to women in need.

I'm happy to bring to you this blogpost in partnership with Cathy & Om Pajamas which will include stylized photos of me wearing her products, an interview with Cathy and a giveaway at the end.  



1. What inspired you to start Om Pajamas?

About 5 year ago, while visiting a friend, I noticed high quality cotton pajamas for sale. A pair was purchased as a donation to support the organization he was raising funds for. The rest is history - The pajamas were a beautiful fit for my extremely hypersensitive skin and after learning more
about Madurai Charitable Trust, I wanted to find a way to show my support to help the desperately poor in Southern India. The opportunity to help sell the pajamas was offered to me so I took it and ran.

2. What is the mission behind the company?

Om Pajamas mission is two fold:
We serve men, women, and children of all ages and religious affiliations in Southern India . Child education, job training for men and women, hospice care, aged care and medical relief in cities, as well as remote villages, is provided with the goal to help all live independently and with dignity. We also support women in need here in Connecticut by providing them with sleepwear. Women in shelters, sexually or domestically abused, etc; basically we want to help all people in need in anyway we are able to.

3. How do you afford to run a non-profit monetarily & time wise? 

Madurai Charitable Trust USA has been most fortunate to
receive support from so many kind hearted people. Much of our merchandise is donated to us, Our website MCT-USA.ORG has been created and updated by people who saw the work we do and wanted to show their support. All book keeping and so on is all volunteered time. All OM Pajamas does is completely on volunteered time. It is an honor to be of service, to make the effort to help others in need however that may show up. 
As for time, I never really thought about that, my life has always been open to what unfolds in the present moment.


 4. What is the most rewarding part of this job? 

At the end of the day truly the feeling experienced is one of gratitude: for the kind people we have met, the generous donations received, the warm conversations, or perhaps finding a delicious meal.

5. What are your plans for future expansion?

We are always asked to have something new to offer our customers. Right now we are working on our signature line of cotton pajamas - changing the pattern and perhaps introducing a new style. These will be offered on our Website. Also, if you shop on Amazon, we ask you to consider signing up for Amazon Smile and choosing Madurai Charitable Trust USA as the organization Amazon will donate to. If you visit our website all information is there.

The kaftans are great for all body types due to their flowy design and adjustable waists  $25.00 


The harem pants can easily be dressed up with a crop top, heels and a jacket for a night out  $15.00


Due to the drop crotch the harem pants look great both low-rise and high-waisted $15.00


I send great thanks to Cathy for donating peices to me to make the photo shoot and this giveaway possible! To enter to win, comment below black or pink for the chance to win either of these beautiful harem pants. Both are my size (Medium) but the pink ones fit more snugly like a small would! United States entries only, unless you are willing to pay for your own shipping. This giveaway is extra special since all harem pants are currently out of stock. Good luck 💖


I hope you enjoyed this post. Special thanks to fashion expect  Sarah Archmbeault for photographing all the stylized photos you see in this post. Be sure to check out Om Pajamas on their website and Instagram to check out their cotton pajamas that they currently have for sale.

Wander often & wonder always, 


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