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Road Trip Rewind #3: MeeT Vancouver Review

Road Trip Rewind #3: MeeT Vancouver Review

Happy Sunday wanderers and welcome to part three of my road trip rewind series. Check out part two where I detail the food we found during the first leg of our trip from Alaska and through British Colombia.

In this blogpost I will be reviewing the restaurant MeeT in Vancouver. I visited two of their three locations and it has been one of my favorite vegan dinning experiences to date!

Meet on Main, Vancouver

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Oyster Mushroom Kalamari $11.50 CAD $8.61 USD

Beer battered & spiced oyster mushrooms, topped with pickled onions, and served with our ridiculously-good cucumber dill tzatziki!

This fried calamari is one of the coolest vegan dishes I have ever tried! It's crazy when a vegan substitute is created with inspiration from a dish that is so far from vegan. Convincing seafood substitutes always impress me as well because the flavors are so unique and hard to imitate. With a squeeze of lemon and a dip in the dill taziki, this veganized dish is even better than the real thing! I swear everyone will love this.

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Mac n’ Cheese Bowl $12.25 CAD $9.17 USD

Macaroni noodles smothered in our yummy cashew cheez sauce, finished with rawmesan, scallions, and a sprinkle of smoked salt.

I can't remember anything remarkable about this mac and cheese. It was definitely good but, personally, I'd prefer a creamier texture.

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 The Double- Double $15.25 CAD $11.42 USD

AKA DOUBLE BACON-DOUBLE CHEEZ BURGER: our signature burger patty, coconut bacon, crispy house bacon, chao cheez & queso (*bacon contains gluten).

This was one of the greatest vegan burgers I have ever had! The bacon was nice and smokey and complimented the flavor of the cheese extremely well. The house patty was great but I was bummed they were out of Beyond Meat burgers. I'm pretty sure if I had this burger composition with the beyond patty that that burger would be unbeatable by even non vegan burgers.

Teem Poutine (fry upgrade) $4.75 CAD $3.56 USD

Fries topped with our savory cashew miso gravy, house feta, mozza, and finished with scallions.

The poutine fries were also amazing. The shredded mozzarella was an exceptional vegan cheese and the sauce was savory. Unfortunately, I never tried poutine before going vegan so I can't compare it to anything, but I'd consider myself a fan of poutine now!

Meet in Gastown, Vancouver

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FRESH SOUP! $6.75 CAD $5.05 USD

Made in-house daily (*may contain gluten &/or nuts!). The soup of the day was broccoli cheddar.

This soup was good but nothing shocking. It's one of those things you probably could've made yourself but it's nice to order at a restaurant just to save yourself the trouble. The broccoli cheddar soup at Panera used to be my favorite so I was hoping this would measure up. However, if there was any broccoli in this soup it must've been blended in which i think is strange. Lastly I wish the texture was more creamy or cheesy. It was overall a great soup but, I just think it should've been advertised differently.

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You need to try these things! Chiggin' tossed in house-made !HOT! buffalo sauce – with a creamy ranch dip.

Before going vegan buffalo chicken was my favorite food. This is hands down the best substitute I've had to date.

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ANGRY BURG $15.50 CAD $11.60 USD

Beer-battered burger tossed in a buffalo !HOT! sauce & topped with guacamole & a cool ranch dressing

We were hoping this burger would be just as good as the one we got at meeT on main. Overall, it was okay but it just had too many flavors going on that didn't compliment each other very well.

NOT-CHO’ AVERAGE NACHO FRIES (fry upgrade) $4.75 CAD $3.56 USD

Crispy fries with house-made cheezy queso sauce, pickled jalapeño peppers, and authentic pico de gallo.

We were, however, delighted to chow down on the nacho fries but if I had to choose I'd go with the poutine for both superior flavor and uniqueness.

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Cookies & Cream $7.25 CAD $5.43 USD

Chocolate mousse with coco whip and chocolate creme cookie crumbles (*cookies contain gluten).

This was one of my favorite vegan desserts I’ve ever had! I am always happy to purchase something that is unique and that I don’t have the motivation to make myself.

Next week I will return with part four of this series where I will recap the vegan food we found on the Washington to Arizona leg of of trip. In the meantime if you’re curious…

Check out our route!

Wander often & wonder always,

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