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Vegan Southern Fare: Muarry Hillbilly

Vegan Southern Fare: Muarry Hillbilly

Happy Sunday wanderers! Recently I took a five day trip to Florida and it was a perfect way to transition myself from the Caribbean back to the chilly northeast. It was pretty warm out, but as you can see I ended up in a sweatshirt and a beanie at the beach, as it was very windy.


My past experiences with Florida have been Disney & Miami, and to be quite honest I'm not a huge fan of either of those places. Miami is such a party city and obviously Disney is also very busy. I tend to enjoy places that are a little more chill and have more natural beauty as opposed to cityscapes. I spent this time in Florida visiting a friend in Jacksonville and I also visited Daytona Beach. Both were lovely areas that I would visit again. Of course, like with anywhere I go, I had to find the best vegan food in town. I'm pretty sure I hit the nail on the head with my visit to The Murray Hillbilly food truck. 


The food truck was established in 2017 and serves gluten free & vegan southern fare. As always I used the app Happy Cow to find vegan restaurants near me while traveling. To be honest there wasn't an overwhelming amount of completely vegan establishments in Jacksonville and The Murray Hillbilly looked like the most unique & delicious choice on the list.


As it is a food truck I was a little apprehensive about where it would be located so I shot them a message on Facebook just to be sure. They responded quite quickly that they would be open from 12-4pm in the Murray Hill theatre parking lot near Vagabond Coffee on Edgewood Avenue. This is the trucks usual spot but you can check their Instagram and Facebook for updates.

My friend and I pretty much ordered the whole menu so don't judge & just enjoy these mouthwatering snaps.  


Ya Reckon? $8.50

Fried cauliflower with spicy mayo, lettuce & tomato


Darn Tootin' $8.50

BBQ tempeh strips topped with mac n' cheese, lettuce & tomato


Dadgummit (Krab Cake) $10.00

Lion's mane mushroom, heart of palm, garbanzo & kelp patty with spicy mayo, lettuce & tomato 


Cheddar mac n' cheese $4.00


Hush Puppies $3.00


Overall my review of The Murray Hillbilly is that it was fricken amazing! I love the quirky name that makes a nod to the fact that they serve southern food but also let's you know where the truck is located (The Murray Hill Theatre parking lot). Although I don't normally worry about gluten, I am completely floored that everything was gluten free! I mean seriously check out the breading on that cauliflower sandwich! Also I'm usually not a fan of gluten free bread but the rolls were amazing, you would never be able to tell. I love how their to-go containers do not have any plastic or styrofoam. The food was very unique to anything I have ever tried before and the execution was amazing. I was particularly impressed with the imitation krab cake sandwich. I never thought I would experience that test again as a vegan! I recommend trying as much of the menu at the Murray Hillbilly that your wallet & stomach will allow. The menu is often shifting to feature new recipes, offering a great deal of variety for future visits.

Thats all for now, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave me a comment down below of what you want to try the most!

Wander often & wonder always,

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