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Road Trip Rewind #4: WA- AZ Food Diary

Road Trip Rewind #4: WA- AZ Food Diary

Happy Sunday wanderers and welcome to part four of my road trip rewind series. Check out part three where I reviewed the restaurant MeeT in Vancouver.

In this post I will be detailing the food we found on the second leg of our journey from Seattle, Washington all the way to Flagstaff, AZ. I hope you enjoy following along on our vegan foodie adventures!

Mighty-O Donuts, Seattle WA

FullSizeRender 10.jpg
FullSizeRender 22.jpg

Chocolate Long John  $3.25 , Raspberry Riot $2.50, Lemon Poppy $2.50

(Raised & topped with chocolate, Dipped in raspberry glaze, Lemon poppy seed glazed donut)

If you are ever in Seattle keep a look out for Mighty- O Donuts! They have at least five locations and will probably continue to grow. Although not advertised heavily, all of the donuts are vegan and organic. I think the lack of advertising that the donuts are vegan is to avoid discouraging people from trying them. I bet no one would be able to tell that they are vegan by the taste, they are amazing!

Plum Bistro Seattle, WA

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I’m Bloody Drunk Margarita $13

Tequila, Blood Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Jalapeño ‘Honey’, Salt.


Plant Based Shrimp Scampi NF $25

Linguine Pasta, Garlic, Capers, Vermouth White Wine, Plant Based Butter, Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Fresh Parsley, Grilled Garlic Bread.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi $23

Broccoli Rabe, Wild Mushrooms, Garlic Sage, White Wine Butter Sauce.

Plum Bistro, was an all around fantastic experience. It’s great to see restaurants and chefs that are pushing the envelope with innovative plant-based cuisine. It’s also amazing to have fine dinning options becoming more available for vegans. I love eating at completely vegan restaurants as it takes out the guesswork of figuring out what you can eat and overall just provides for a more relaxed and pleasant experience. My friend Geneva would tell you that the mac’n cheese here (not pictured) is her favorite thing she’s ever had in her life.

For me the shrimp scampi was flooring as the texture was so spot on. I am now starting to believe there isn’t any food that won’t have a plant-based alternative in the near future. Overall, everything I had here was amazing and I have zero complaints. It is a bit on the pricier side, but worth it!

Pushkin’s Restaurant Sacramento, CA

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Jalepeno & cream cheese hush puppies $7.00.

FullSizeRender 17.jpg

Adult grilled cheese and tomato soup $11.00

With cashew pepper cheese, pesto, tomato & arugula.

FullSizeRender 15.jpg

Portobello benedict $12.00

Portobello, avocado, spinach, tomato, sweet potato & vegan hollandaise.

If you ever find yourself in the Sacramento area and are on the market for some vegan brunch, I highly recommend Pushkin’s. I will admit some menu items were not as I expected but that doesn’t mean they weren’t good. For instance, their vegan cheese could use some work as the cheese used in both the hush puppies and grilled cheese was lacking creaminess and amazing flavor. I do believe they make all their cheese in house so I have to give them credit for that. I also did not expect the grilled cheese to be a sandwich composed of mostly greens with the cheese as an afterthought.

However, the dish that made me keen to return was the portobello benedict. It’s a unique take on a vegan benedict as there is no tofu or other egg imitation. The mushroom imitates the shape, but the flavors are completely different and worked very well with the hollandaise.

Fruit Stand Big Sur, Ca

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In California, Geneva and I stumbled across this sweet fruit man across from a gas station in Big Sur. There we got fresh coconut meat and a mixed fruit cup sprinkled with Tajin chili-lime seasoning as a nice snack for on the road.

The Pizza Patio, Flagstaff AZ


Small Specialty Vegan Pizzas $16.95

For lunch in Flagstaff, Geneva and I stopped by The Pizza Patio. It was great to sit on the dog friendly patio and listen to some music in the sun. We ordered two small specialty vegan pizzas; the Vegan Badass Buffalo Chicken and the Vegan Hawaiian Aloha. Overall, both were pretty good. The buffalo chicken, contrary to my expectation, was a pizza with buffalo marinara sauce and plain “chicken” as opposed to regular pizza with buffalo chicken. The aloha also had a faux meat in the form of “beef crumbles.” Both featured vegan mozzarella which had a great texture, but plain taste.

The overall highlight of the meal was dipping the pizzas into the house made vegan ranch dressing. This place also has a variety of vegan appetizers which I wish I had tried including fried artichoke hearts, cauliflower wings, and mozzarella sticks. It was also lovely to meet the owner who was very hospital and kind. I definitely would like to go here again sometime.

This brings me to the end of my Roadtrip Rewind Series! I really hope you guys enjoyed it. If you are curious…

Check out our route!

Wander often & wonder always,

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