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Upcycled Pants DIY

Upcycled Pants DIY

Happy Sunday wanderers! Let me introduce to you the concept of upcylcling incase you have never heard of it. The idea is to take something of diminished value or purpose and either retstore or repurpose that item for future use. It is a way to be more eco-friendly as you are choosing to repurpose things instead of getting rid of them. It requires a little bit of creativity and imagination but I'm sure everyone has something going unused in their home that they could upclyce into something of more value for them.


These funky one of a kind pants are the result of my last inspiration to upcycle. 

I had this pair of boyfriend jeans which were my favorite but one rip connected to another which connected to another unit the whole right side was one large slit. I wasn't ready to let them go but they were looking a bit too ridiculous to wear. This backpack, although it looks nice, was also of no use to me. It was tearing apart at the seams on the inside and was simply not well made enough to carry anything to heavy. 

I was first inspired to partially patch my gaping whole with one of the cool drawstring side pockets and figured I'd add the other pocket on the pants as well. I used the black and white fabric to decorate the right cuff of the pants and turned the front pocket into a patch for my back pocket of the pants. 


What you'll need:

  • things that need repurposing
  • scissors
  • sewing supplies 
  • sewing skills (or a mom with sewing skills)
  • an imagination
  • an ability to laugh at yourself if it turns out as a total fail

This is a fun project to do with a friend. My mom and I had a good laugh as I trashed the floor with shitty backpack shreds and "creatively directed" her where to sew. Keep in mind that upcycling isn't limited to just clothing. You could spray paint an old decoration to fit in with your new decor and so forth. Get creative. Tag me in your projects if this has inspired you to upcycle anything you've had lying around. 

Wander often & wonder always,

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