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Vegan Eats: Block Island

Vegan Eats: Block Island

Block Island is a place that is very near and dear to my heart. It is the first place besides the town that I grew up in and the city I went to college in that developed into a feeling of home for me. I've summered here twice, living there about 10 months total. I have no doubt that I will return whether it is to live there again or just to visit. Being an island groceries tend to be on the expensive side. The bright side is you can grab a vegan lunch or dinner at many local restaurants for about $10 to $15 dollars. Please enjoy some snaps of multiple vegan options I have found on Island. Keep in mind this island is of a seasonal nature and these restaurants are not open in the winter. 


The Oar

Being my place of employment I ate here almost every day. I managed to find enough vegan options to keep me satisfied. Veggie sushi options include veggie maki rolls (avocado maki pictured), 2 specialty veggie rolls, edamame and seaweed salad. Our miso soup is made with a fish stock so steer clear! For the salads they are all vegan friendly if you remove any cheese and make sure to substitute one of our vegan dressings. All salads can be done as wraps and you can even add a veggie burger. Just make sure to specify you are vegan and do not want your veggie burger cooked in butter.

Persephone's Kitchen   

Arguably the only adorable place for your morning espresso on island. Thankfully they have plethora of vegan options including smoothies, smoothie bowls, avocado toast, and warm quinoa breakfast bowls available in sweet potato pie flavor and strawberries and cream (both pictured) they are both topped with coconut whip. 


The Vegan Mudslide

Block Island is famous for it's mudslides. They combine Kahlúa, vodka, and Baileys into a delicious blended beverage that tastes like chocolate. The issue? Baileys contains dairy. Luckily the brand has made a vegan alternative called Baileys Almande with almond milk. The Beachhead on Corn Neck Road carries this liquor and they will make you a vegan mudslide upon request, yum! In all honesty you can replicate this drink at home quite easily. Combine equal parts of all three alcohols and blend with ice, if the consistency is not smooth enough add more Baileys.

Sushi Bob

A hidden gem located inside the bar Captian Nick's Sushi Bob is usually open weekend days starting Thursday in the evenings. He is very popular so you  should go early. He has quite a few veggie rolls including my favorite, the avocado ginger roll pictured above (ordered without spicy mayo). He also often has vegan option on special including these veggie spring rolls pictured above. Bob will be happy to tell you what is and is not vegan on his menu.


Mex on the Deck

As always mexican food is easy to order veganized. Just pass on sour cream, cheese or meat. This mexican restaurant located on the deck of Yellow kittens offers a vegan falafel that you can add to to tacos, burritos, or a bowl. Pictured are the vegan tacos. I tend to add their mango salsa, guac, roasted corn, and lettuce.

Mohegan Café

This was the first restaurant I ever visited on Block Island. You can receive a vegan menu upon request. Their chili is completely vegan served without cheese on top. My absolute favorite thing to get here is the hummus platter. Ask for it without cheese and without dressing and ask for a side of their vegan spicy thai dressing. This plate is served with falafel balls, veggies, pita bread, hummus, babaganoush, and olive tapenade. 

Pots & Kettles

This food truck located on Corn Neck Road is seriously my favorite place to grab lunch for the beach. It is home cooking taken to the next level. Pictured here are the edamame dumplings and falafel wrap. I have seriously never tried something as great as this falafel wrap. It is paired with her 'veggie chop' and a delicious tahini sauce. She also has homemade vegan kimchi which I have yet to try but its on my list!


Tiger Fish

I will end off this post with another one of my jobs. Pictured here is a simple garden salad which my chef has added avocado and some crispy marinated tofu to for me. It also has tomatoes, mushrooms, and watermelon radish. My other favorite things to order off of the menu are the miso marinated mushrooms and udon noodles which are both side plates but taste very good mixed together. You can also request a vegan veggie curry or pad thai. Portions here are massive, I always get two meals out of one order.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Hopefully you are now itching to visit Block Island and eat your way around next summer. Which of these vegan treats do you want to try the most? Leave me a comment below. 

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