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What I Ate as a Vegan in Ireland

What I Ate as a Vegan in Ireland

1. Tesco, Maynooth

In order to save some money on my seven day trip to Ireland I decided to do some very light grocery shopping to avoid eating out more than twice a day. I don't prefer to eat breakfast out so I picked up a few things at Tesco in Maynooth. I got some bananas, muesli, and almond milk. This muesli was nice to enjoy cold like cereal and warmed up like oats. This rude health almond milk was delicious, so glad Laura and Sharon introduced me to it!

2. Govindas, Dublin

This was delicious Indian food that I enjoyed on a day out in Dublin with Laura. We ordered a medium sized special of the day vegan style. It was a large helping of rice, tofu, and chic pea curry. We also each ordered a vegan samosa with savory dip! Overall this food was delicious and reasonably priced at around 10-12 euro for each of us including a drink. The tofu was not my favorite though.

3. Chill Downtown, Maynooth

This was not the most vegan friendly of all of the places I went but they still had options! I ordered a salad which I do not see on their current menu that had spinach, cherry tomatoes, onions, falafel, seeds, and balsamic dressing. I also ordered a soy latte here.

4. Quay Noodle, Galway

After a few drinks out with some friends I made at Galway City Hostel, the girls and I decided to stop for a late night bite. We decided to grab some of Quay Noodle's "authentic Asian street food." I ordered the vegetable udon noodle and had them add some extra spice to it. This is specified as vegan on their menu and was a nice large portion! I dove in and ate half of it before I remembered to film it.

5. Lighthouse Tea Room, Galway

This cafe was absolutely adorable! I walked by one night and decided that i had to come back the next day. They are open for both breakfast and lunch and had plenty of vegan options. I confused my server here by ordering two full lunches. I had a falafel salad with seeds, shredded carrots, lentils and beat paste followed by a carrot ginger soup with pesto on bread. This soup was so good it inspired me to recreate it when I got back home. I would highly recommend this café.

6. Tuco's Taqueria, Galway

Taco Tuesday? Yes please! I enjoyed some 5 euro veggie tacos with guacamole at Tuco's for a quick bite. The staff here was very friendly and the food was good. After a short Facebook messenger conversation with a helpful employee I can happily say that this restaurant is used to serving vegan customers. They can do anything vegan including burritos, boxes (like a Chipotle bowl), or tacos. Their salsas are all vegan friendly as well as the guacamole. They don't add any dairy or bulking agents like many other places

7. Falafel Bar, Galway

This restaurant was my favorite find of the week! The name alone made me want to go inside. When I did I  was welcomed by friendly staff, adorable decor and great food. I wasn't sure what I wanted to order so I asked the staff what their personal favorite vegan option on the menu was. The two friendly male workers suggested I get the burger, which turned out to be one of the best vegan burgers I have ever had. It was made with lentils and mushrooms which gave it the perfect amount of meatiness. The fries were amazing too,  they were both thick and crispy. With every meal you are given a dish to pick from a variety of pickled vegetables at their pickle bar which I thought was a cute and quirky touch. The final touch about this place that made me love it even more was the cute chalkboard sign above their waste about disposing food and recyclables properly, it quite literally warmed my heart on that chilly Galway night.


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