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Road Trip Rewind #1: Portland: The Vegan Mini-Mall

Road Trip Rewind #1: Portland: The Vegan Mini-Mall

Happy Sunday wanderers! Welcome to part one of my road trip rewind series! I know it has been quite a while and a lot has changed since the last time I hopped on here. I have since moved from Block Island, RI to San Jose, Costa Rica, but of course in between I created time for some travel. My best friend Geneva and I embarked on a road trip from Palmer, Alaska all the way to her mom’s house in Texas. Major stops along the way included, British Colombia, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, California, the Grand Canyon and finally Texas.

While in Portland we visited a vegan strip mall which included, Sweet Pea Bakery, Food Fight Grocery Store, The Herbivore Clothing Company, and Scapegoat Tattoo. It is so great to not only see vegan establishments, but to see so many all nestled in a row that all bring something unique to the table! These shops are located on SE Stark Street and in my book it’s a must visit for anyone passing through Portland.

Food Fight Grocery

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Let me start off by saying that any grocery store with a vegan soft serve machine inside is my kind of grocery store!

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Also, check out the selection of amazing vegan cheeses! I think to this day vegan cheese is still the one specialty item I get most excited about, especially since they keep getting even better.


This vegan '“chicken” salad was amazing. It was a perfect grab & go refreshing snack or small meal.


Peanut butter pretzel nuggets have always been a favorite salty snack on the road.


This hoagie was also an amazing grab & go option, the imitation meat and the sauce they used was on point! Also, it was definitely very filling.


To be quite honest, we never tried these. We thought they looked reminiscent of Slim Jim’s, however the texture seemed like that of a field roast vegan sausage, which although tasty I wouldn’t care to eat uncooked. However, it is still amazing that vegan versions of these kinds of products exist!


If you are looking for a super healthy cracker I say go for it! If you want a super tasty cracker I might suggest you move onto the next. They are pretty bland which makes them great for flavorful dips or spreads but not much of a stand alone product. They do pack and amazing crunch though!


This vegan cream cheese was absolutely amazing. You could tell it was homemade as opposed to mass-produced, I’m definitely not knocking Follow Your Heart or Tofutti. They are great for a more classic cream cheese texture and taste. This product is what I would expect from a fancier artisanal cream cheese. It was smokey, creamy, and decadent. I would highly recommend it! I wouldn’t call it a road trip necessity as it requires a refrigerator.


You can never have too many bamboo toothbrushes right? Perhaps the plastic in the packaging defeats the purpose a bit…


This was my first time trying vegan jerky and I was not disappointed. They had many options but this one was the employee favorite and recommendation. The texture was spot on, but the taste was a bit strange but still good. It made for a perfect road trip snack but I don’t think I’ll be introducing it into my regular diet any time soon.


I really loved these hydration tablets! They were a quick and easy way to get in my greens and spice up my regular water. It was perfect for the road trip since we had to keep hydrated and healthy while dinning out often and driving long hours.

Sweat Pea Bakery

Overall I really enjoyed Sweat Pea bakery. The friendly staff and warm inviting decor really made for a great experience. I recommend brunching here if you ever find the time!


Selection of baked goods at Sweet Pea Bakery was so amazing it was almost too hard to choose. They also have a full menu which you can view here!


My preference for savory over sweet lead me to the tofu scramble and tempeh croissant with a side of hot sauce. Make sure you ask for it warmed up, it was to die for!


The Herbivore Clothing Company

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Although I neglected to take many pictures, this store was great! Its amazing to be in a store that sells clothing, accessories and knickknacks and rest assured that everything is vegan. They had amazing shoes, bags, graphic tees and funny cards. I picked up some cologne for my boyfriend, a punny card and some vegan chocolate. I definitely could’ve gone crazy in here but kept myself on a tight leash. Luckily is you can’t make it to Portland you can shop online here.

Scapegoat Tattoo

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Although Scapegoat was closed when we went, my bestie couldn’t resist stopping in on her way back to Alaska. Check out her cute “not your babe” pig tattoo! If you didn’t know, now you know there is such a thing as tattoo ink that is not vegan! Ask your artist about using vegan products. Read more here.

Overall we really enjoyed visiting the vegan mini-mall! It was fun to shop around and we enjoyed our lovely snacks from Food Fight Grocery across the street at the park where my friends pup Turnip made some adorable little friends. I do think the mini-mall could use a nice outdoor sitting area to relax and eat as the park didn’t have many tables. More blogposts to come on where we went and what we ate on the road trip very soon!

Check out our route!

Wander often & wonder always,

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